What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is a science. It examines the biological processes used in consuming food and our body’s ability to use the nutrients contained in the food we eat. In other words, nutrition is the study of how the body interacts with what we consume and how the food we consume interacts with the body, thus allowing our body to thrive.

Nutritional Therapy

What is Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is the evaluation and correction of nutritional excesses and/or deficiencies. The nutritional therapist advises clients how to restore nutritional balance and evaluates their progress as they work toward that goal.

Therapeutic Process

What is the Therapeutic Process?

The therapeutic process includes conducting an interview to determine your health history. You will keep a food journal and fill out a nutritional assessment questionnaire. The practitioner will perform a functional evaluation which is an assessment of your symptom burden.

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