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Nutritional Therapy is the evaluation and correction of nutritional excesses and/or deficiencies. As a nutritional therapist I advise clients on how to restore nutritional balance and evaluate their progress as they work toward their goals.

My goal is to encourage people to become knowledgeable about and responsible for their health, and bring it to a personal optimal level. Nutritional Therapy is designed to improve health, but does not diagnose or treat specific diseases or medical conditions.

I offer my services in 3-month packages. This package includes an initial evaluation plus two one-hour sessions per month. I have found this to be very effective specifically for establishing long-term habits, which can sometimes take several months to accomplish.

While I use some common sense tools (a food journal, a symptom-burden analysis, and a functional evaluation), the path we take is completely custom to you. It will be based on where you are now and where you want to go.

Three Month Nutritional Therapy Package includes:

Eight one-hour sessions over a three-month period.

Sessions one and two will involve a complete initial evaluation: Initial health history interview, nutritional assessment questionnaire, three-day food journal evaluation, and a functional evaluation.  Following the initial evaluation, you will receive recommendations for both food and supplement protocol to follow until our next meeting.

Five follow-up sessions: In each session, we’ll look at your progress, identify next steps, do some education, and I’ll leave you with 1-3 things to try for homework between sessions.  In this way we layer on new habits each session and can troubleshoot along the way.

Final evaluation: Includes another nutritional assessment questionnaire, functional evaluation, and final interview to assess over all progress.

  • Package A

    Package A

    Duration: 3 Months

    Sessions: 2 sessions/month

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  • Package B

    Package B

    Duration: 6 Months

    Sessions: 2 sessions/month

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